International Edible Book Festival: the Marshall Edition

It is almost here! The Book Beautiful’s second observance of the International Edible Book Festival on 2 April 2013. All of you will be creating edible books. You may team up, no more than two per team, or create your own book. We will begin with a brainstorming session next week, so if your going to team up, make those calls before the next class. It will take some grocery money to buy your supplies, and as a team you can split the cost. Individual books are most welcome! The book making will culminate with awards, tea and book eating! Worthless prizes will be offered for Best in Show, Most Drop-dead Gorgeous, Most Delectably Appetizing and Most Pun-derful. Rules dictate that the edible book must be bookish in nature and that the professor suffers not from food poisoning. Details will be given on the assignment during class.  We will need folks to make invitations and plan the tea with all the hostess-with-the-mostest skills.

Visit the links below to help you get an understanding of edible books.

International Edible Book Festival

International Edible Book Festival Facebook Page

2012 Book Beautiful Edible Book and Tea

Edible Book Ideas (not edible books but design ideas that could be used for edible books)

Kalamazoo Book Arts Center

Seattle Edible Book Festival

Hosting an Edible Book Festival


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